Printer Medics no fix - no fee Guarantee

When Printer Medics take on a repair job we do so under our No Fix - No Fee guarantee.

What this means is that should we be unable to diagnose and fix your printer, then we will not charge you for the callout or labour associated with the job - in other words - you will owe us nothing.

There are some important conditions regarding the operation of this policy that you need to be aware of, so that you can fully understand our guarantee.

This warranty only applies when the machine cannot be fixed due to reasons which are within our control - where it is our fault that the machine can't be fixed.

For example, if spare parts are no longer available, you decide that the cost of parts will make the job uneconomic or the parts are on a long lead time, then we would expect to be paid for our work in getting to the stage where you are able to make that decision. Under those circumstances, where we had also fitted parts during the repair we would expect to be paid for them also.

We operate this policy fairly and would consider reducing the labour charge if we felt it was fair on both parties. We also check beforehand with our spare parts distributors if we felt that there is a possibility that the required parts might not be available - although that can of course be difficult without coming out to see the machine.