Small Home Office Inkjet Repairs


Our main focus in business is to provide a business to business service covering all aspects of office printing, including office supplies and stationery.

We often get asked about small desktop inkjet printers and inkjet multifunction machines as supplied for example by Brother, Epson, HP, Lexmark and Kodak. People may have broken a part trying to insert an ink cartridge or have a paper jam message that they can't get rid of. We're sorry to say that it's very difficult to provide a value for money repair service for these kind of machines when our callout charge, which covers travelling and time spent on the repair is at least £59 plus VAT, and may be more if you live on the edges of our operational area. In addition it is very difficult to get parts for these machines as, in the vast majority of cases, the original manufacturer doesn't release spare parts onto the UK marketplace - they would much prefer you to go out and buy a new printer than repair an older model.

For these reasons we don't repair these kind of printers, but we do have a few pieces of advice that may help you:

The control panel says that parts inside the printer have reached the end of their life - go to the contact us page and send us an email with the printer model and the exact message showing on the panel. We will reply by email with any suggestions that we think will help you.

The printer isn't printing the correct colours or missing parts of the print - in this case the probable cause is that ink nozzles have become blocked, especially if compatible cartridges have been used. Although most compatible cartridges give good quality print, there are some on the market which have a less than acceptable level of manufacturing quality. If the problem affects one colour then buy an original cartridge, leave it in the printer overnight, and then try the printer's inbuilt cleaning routine to try and flush out the printhead. If a number of colours are affected it may be worth your while to install a complete set of original cartridges and follow the instructions above. You may have to run the cleaning process a number of times to clear this problem - if you get to more than 6 or 7 times then leave the printer overnight again and try the same process the next day. If that doesn't work then you will probably have to invest in a new machine.