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The variety of printers in the market place is so wide that it can be bewildering. When people ask our advice, we try to narrow down the choice based on the type and quantity of work that the machine is being bought to do.

Once we have a range of machines that are suitable for the work, then we take into consideration the running costs of the machines. All manufacturers appear to sell their machines at near cost price or even at a loss, and make the vast proportion of their profit from the consumables that you will have to buy for the machine. Even if the printer is used only to half of it's full potential, then you will spend 5 to 6 times it's capital cost on consumables during the printers lifespan.

It is vital that this is taken into consideration at the purchasing phase so that you can get an idea of the "whole life" cost of the printer. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the capital cost of the printer, the lower the consumable cost of printing. So within reason it pays to spend more on the initial purchase price so that:

  • You get a higher specification machine
  • Your consumable costs are lower for every 1,000 pages that you print

We can supply new, ex demo and second user machines, depending on your needs. To keep our prices competitive, we include delivery to client's premises and quote extra for setup and installation if required.

Please contact us with your requirements.